Join Paul and Jeff (and a few guests) for an update on all things Legion M, including Tolkien meetups, closing rounds 3 and 4, opening round 5, San Diego Comic Con, and a new member of the team!

TRT: 32 min 31 sec

Table of Contents:

0:00:00: Intro/Overview

0:00:45: Introducing MANDY! No, not the film... the new Legion M team member!

0:01:30: Merch and licensing expansion

0:06:15: Producers standing by

0:08:46: Tolkien meetups wrap-up

0:11:00: Meow Wolf

0:13:20: Jeff is the Meetup King

0:14:10: Big meeting with big company!

0:14:20: A wild Terri appears!

0:15:45: We'll be at San Diego Comic Con!

0:17:15: Update on Rounds 3 & 4, round 5

0:19:10: One Meetup To Rule Them All winner

0:23:00: Questions

0:23:07: Impact on Tolkien?

0:27:46: Patches we can put on jackets?

0:28:35: LA event around Halloween?

0:29:08: Updates on Jay & Silent Bob reboot?

0:29:58: Include Marcus theaters in the Midwest

0:32:23: Sign-off