Join Paul and Jeff for an update on all things Legion M, including round 5, Jay & Silent Bob, Memory, Girl With No Name, our storyboard contest winners, and questions from our community!

TRT: 32 min 02 sec

Table of Contents:

0:00:00: Introducing Black Diamond Games!

0:02:45: Round 5 is open!

0:05:25: Investor pins

0:06:35: NE and AZ update

0:08:22: Storyboard contest winners announced!

0:12:05: Jay & Silent Bob update

0:14:15: Memory update

0:18:35: Updates on upcoming conventions

0:21:42: New transfer agent

0:22:09: Girl With No Name update

0:22:48: The Beast: coming soon!

0:23:45: Questions

0:23:54: Are we trending to get a million members?

0:27:18: Will the gift shares from last year receive shares information?

0:28:39: Will I get a physical certificate?

0:30:04: Any news on working with the game developers for the JSB video game?

0:31:47: Wrap-up and sign-off