How can I audition for your projects, or apply to be hired as crew?


Our mission at Legion M is to open the gates to Hollywood for fans around the world. One of the questions we get asked a lot (besides “Can you bring back Firefly?”) is “can I audition for your projects” and “will you hire me to work on your films?”

Whenever possible, the answer is YES! We know how wonderful and talented the Legion M community is, and we always look inward to source talent from the Legion before looking elsewhere. In the past, this has included open casting calls for our Pitch Elevator series, job postings for positions like social media manager and media response team, and priority for Legion M members when applying as extras for filming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot in New Orleans.

Over time, we hope to create more and more opportunities like the ones listed above. When these opportunities arise, they will likely be impossible to miss it because we’ll be shouting from the rooftops!

As a startup, Legion M’s capital is limited. Our goal may be to become as big as Disney someday, but we’re not there… yet. Our role on most of the projects we’ve been involved with to date does not involve casting or hiring.  In those cases, making casting decisions or hiring crew is beyond our control, or already a moot point.

That said, we hope to develop more tools and resources for networking within the Legion (e.g. Legion M Job Board). After all, while the number of projects that Legion M hires for may be small, the number of projects being developed by OTHERS within the Legion is exponentially larger. We see people networking and collaborating on projects today in our private Facebook group, the forum, and the Legion of Creatives. Over time, we’d like to develop more tools  to facilitate this.

Bottom line—our community is the center of everything we do. We know there is no end to the talent and creativity among our members! And while the odds of working for Legion M might be slim (with a community of over 100,000 people -- and growing every day!-- we can’t employ everyone…), we will ALWAYS be looking for new and innovative ways to involve the Legion in what we do an create opportunities for our community! 


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Michelle P. Carter