How our "Girl With No Name" Kickstarter is opening the gates to Hollywood!

Last March and April, we launched our Kickstarter campaign for our Girl With No Name comic book. Ten amazing backers chose the “I’ve Got The Next Great Idea” package, which gives them an opportunity to pitch their idea to the Legion M executive team! We’ve had a few of these meetings so far which have been SO MUCH FUN! Everyone is full of energy and passion about their fantastic ideas. We’ve had the first few pitches already, and here’s what they thought of the whole experience!

Given the fact that pitching the Legion M team could have been a nerve-wracking encounter, especially for someone like me with zero pitching experience, meeting with the team at Legion M was fantastic. The team was relaxed and easy-going, and the conversation was so delightful I soon felt like I was chatting with friends. They were interested, engaged, and enthusiastic, and their support regarding what I’d created was invaluable. The conversation also sparked new perspectives for me to consider (which I loved).

Everyone on the Legion M team is personable and fun, and I left the meeting feeling energized and excited. Regardless of whether or not my project is right for Legion M, I’m even prouder now to be an investor knowing we have such a smart and talented team at the helm. Looking forward to many excellent years ahead for all of us!
— Wendy Terrien

Pitching to Legion M was an amazing experience! Jeff, Paul, Terri and David were all so welcoming and supportive of my ideas. Going into it I was concerned that I would either give too much information and make it hard to follow, or not give enough, but they were very casual and kept me at ease. They seemed to really care about what I was discussing with them and they asked lots of followup questions which gave me the opportunity to expand on my ideas and clarify things when necessary. I could tell that film and comics are a passion for them, not just a business. Even if nothing comes of this, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world and I really appreciate the support and encouragement from all four of them!
— John Romanos

Legion M proved once again the benefit of being a part of this company. The interaction they provide isn’t just for show. It’s genuine. Having one-on-one time with the team pitching my ideas was the experience of a lifetime. Not only are they everyday people like all of us, but they care and really are looking and wanting the next best idea. They love being one of us. You can tell they love what they do which makes it easier to continue to invest within the organization and further opportunities like the one I just had. I look forward to working with them hopefully one day and always will keep the dream alive.
— Mike Sullivan