Seven reasons why you should see Memory THIS WEEKEND!


Our film Memory: The Origins of Alien hits more than 30 theaters nationwide and is available to rent on VOD TODAY! No matter who you are or where you live, EVERYONE can see the film this weekend. Legion M is offering free pins (while supplies last) to anyone who supports the film during this crucial period of its release!

If you need some convincing, here are SEVEN REASONS why you should see Memory this weekend!


  1. It's certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes!

  2. It's OUR MOVIE that OUR SCOUTS chose at Sundance!

  3. It's historic -- this is the first time fans have ever united together to find a film at Sundance and purchase the distribution rights (in partnership with Screen Media).

  4. It's Legion M's first film as a distributor, which means a portion of EVERY SINGLE rental, ticket purchase, and DVD/VOD purchase goes to Legion M (YOUR company).

  5. Opening weekend is the MOST CRITICAL time for a new release—let’s get this on the charts at iTunes and Amazon!

  6. One of the very first things you see is our brand new animated production credit featuring the faces and voices of our community!

  7. BONUS REASON: You can get an exclusive H.R. Giger pin (pictured below; while supplies last!) just by renting it on VOD and sharing on social, or joining a meetup.

Legion M Team