How to Host a Legion M Meetup


The greatest part of having a Legion of fans is that we’ve got an audience ready and waiting whenever one of our films comes out. To really harness this power of the fans, we host opening weekend meetups all over the country to maximize our impact at the box office. Our meetups are hosted by Legion M members and investors in their home towns!

Our goal is to make it fun and easy for you to organize a meetup. We had over 40 meetups for Colossal, 135 for Bad Samaritan, and more than 70 for Mandy. We’ve learned a ton every time, and we're constantly making improvements to our tools and process to make things run smoother. That said, we're still growing, and we thank you in advance for being patient. Together we'll work out any issues and continue our relentless pursuit of perfection!

Hosting a meetup is easy. All you have to do is look up where and when the movie is playing near you, and pick a show time. Then use the Meetup Maker tool to plan a meetup for that theatre and show time, and watch as other folks in your area sign up to come see the film with together!

There are two ways to support the films on opening weekend--public/private theatre meetups, and home viewing parties:

  1. Public Theatre Meetups are open to anyone. As the meetup coordinator, we'll provide you tools and best practices to promote your meetup and get as many people out as possible. Private Theatre Meetups are just for you and your friends to go see it together at the theatre. As long as you can round up at least 8 people (including yourself), we'll send you the swag to hand out. There's no better way to impress your friends (and vex your enemies) than by getting them out to see YOUR movie! Whether your meetup is public or private, you can organize it with the Meetup Maker Tool.

  2. House Viewing Parties are great when the film isn’t playing at a theatre near you. In many cases, you can get the film on VOD and watch it with all of your friends at home! You do not need to set up a meetup through the Meetup Maker for these. Unfortunately, viewing parties are not eligible for the meetup swag--those are to encourage box office sales--but you can get a Party In A Box from Legion M to make the experience extra special!

When you’re ready to set up your meetup, the process for organizing a meetup has 5 steps:

  1. Submit your meetup. The first step is to login to our handy new MEETUP MAKER tool and submit a proposal. You'll need to tell us what times and locations you'd like to target, whether your meetup is public or private, and if you are interested in connecting with other local volunteers. We'll review all the proposals and, assuming yours doesn't conflict with any others, we'll add it to the list!

  2. Promote your meetup (public meetups only). Once your meetup has been approved, we'll provide you with best practices and support (including e-mailing the other Legion M'ers in your area) to help spread the word. Meetups are open to anyone (i.e., not just Legion M), and we can provide support to help you get the word out to as many people as possible. 

  3. Coordinate with attendees. Our handy-dandy new MEETUP MAKER tool will allow you to see who is attending your meetup, and help you coordinate with them (i.e., let them know when you've finalized a theater/show time, alert them when tickets go on sale, remind them the day before the meetup, etc). We'll provide guidelines to make this as easy as possible.

  4. Have the meetup! Just before opening weekend rolls around, we'll send you all the swag you’ll need in advance. Your job is to show up early, distribute the swag, take a group photo, and generally make sure the meetup runs well and everybody has a great time! Again, we'll share the best practices we've learned to make this as smooth and fun as possible. 

  5. Share your feedback. As mentioned above, Legion M has done several iterations of meetups over the years. We’re learning as we go, so keep giving us your feedback and next time will be even better!

Our goal is to help you every step along the way. If you ever have any questions, please check out the MEETUPS section of the forum, or send mail to

Legion M Team