Legion M Investors Attend Red Carpet Premiere for Tolkien in Los Angeles!

On Wednesday, May 8th, the Los Angeles premiere for Tolkien took place at the historic Regency Westwood Village Theatre, and we were honored to invite an enthusiastic crew of Legion M members and investors to attend the star-studded event!

Some photos from our members at the red (okay, green) carpet!

With a beautiful twilight Southern California setting as its backdrop, the evening began with the Legion getting exclusive access to the red carpet’s Fan VIP area, giving members a chance to snap photos with the stars of Tolkien, including Nicholas Hoult (J.R.R. Tolkien) and Lily Collins (Edith Bratt) as they entered the screening.

After the screening, the Legion were treated to a live Q&A with Nicholas Hoult, Lily Collins and the director of Tolkien Dome Karukoski. What made the Q&A incredibly special was its moderator, the one and only George R.R. Martin. (No, he didn’t tell us how Game of Thrones will end)! Couldn’t make it to the Tolkien premiere? No worries! We captured the entire Q&A here on Facebook!

But the fun didn’t stop there! After the Q&A, the festivities continued at the Legion M- hosted Tolkien after party at Westwood’s Seventy7West for the Legion M after party. It was a great celebration for Legion M members to mix and mingle well into the night. Helheimr!

Check out a few testimonials from Legion M members and investors
who attended LA premiere of Tolkien!

I don’t know if I can do justice, with my words, to how amazing the whole experience was! Being at a Hollywood movie premiere has always been one of my bucket list items, and I can’t thank Legion M enough for making it happen! The fan VIP section was definitely the place to be when Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins arrived! They took the time to take photos, sign autographs, and speak to as many people as they could, before making it into the theater. I must admit, one of my biggest “fangurl” moments though, was when I saw Eric [Lam of Legion M] pull up in Marilyn [the Cadillac]! I screamed “OMG! She made it!!” and ran across the street to see the Legion M icon in the ‘steel’!!! My brother must have thought I lost my mind going all “fangurl” over a car!

Several Legion M members and I got together at the Chinese Theater to take a photo with Stan Lee’s hand/shoe prints! Thank you Legion M for the opportunity, and for bringing me so many new and wonderful friends!! <3 to all the new friends I made this week, and I can’t wait to see you all again soon!

— Stephanie Brown, Legion M investor

I was lucky enough to win a chance for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and join other Legion M members and fans at the Tolkien Hollywood red carpet premiere. As soon as my friends and I reached the theater, we could feel the movie magic in the air. Even the will-call area was abuzz with excitement, and you couldn’t walk two steps without getting handed some cool swag or freebie, including getting our after party tickets simply by flashing our Legion M pins. Membership definitely has its rewards!

As we walked in, we were treated to free concessions before we found our seats, and instead of previews, the cast and crew came up to the stage before the movie to give the audience a few words. I had the best seat in the house, sitting next to my Legion M friends, and getting to listen to a live Q&A after a wonderful show. Being in the same room with and seeing so many stars made this a night I will never forget. Rounding off the evening at the after party with more of the Legion M family was a perfect way to cap off the night.
— Carolina Romero, Legion M investor

Wendy Elliott4.jpg
On a wondrous evening in May of 2019, a ragtag group found themselves looking up at the majesty of the Fox Theater (now known as the Regency Westwood Village Theater) to embark on a journey. It may be coincidence, or simply happenstance, that in 1931 (when the Fox Theater originally opened), Tolkien himself was at Oxford having written a talk for a literary society entitled, “A Secret Vice” wherein he discussed his interest for invented languages. Tolkien’s fantastic world of elves, dwarves, hobbits and men would not emerge until 1937, but anyone who has read the tale knows … “In a hole in the ground, there lived a Hobbit…”

I was thrilled to be among the fans and friends of Legion M, united by a quest which revealed many delightful clues to the origin story of “The Lord Of Rings.” Gathered in a fellowship of sorts, we bumped elbows with notable celebs, paparazzi and plain folk, many of us travelers from near and far, to bear witness to the story of the man whose passion was creating myths and legends in a way very few of us could ever imagine, let alone put to paper.

Thank you Legion M for a memorable #TolkienMovie Fan Premiere experience!
— Teri "Boots" Miller, Legion M investor

I had an epic experience attending the Tolkien premiere with Legion M. When I was about 7 or 8, my dad would read “The Hobbit” to us before bedtime, maybe a chapter or two at a time, and it was magical. In Junior High, I read “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy at least three times. Just as the magic of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth flooded my world in those precious moments long ago, that same childlike excitement came over me as I, along with a theater full of like-minded fans, got to witness this great film that so beautifully provides us an artistic glimpse into the life and experiences that inspired the man behind the legends and the world that we have come to know very well and love.

I knew very few details about Mr. Tolkien, and was grateful to everyone who took part in the creation of the movie for providing such an entertaining way to help one understand the brilliance of the man behind the tales and also about the ones he loved who inspired him. I especially loved the Q&A after the film with Director Dome Karukoski, actors Lily Collins and Nicholas Hoult, and moderated by none other than the King of Dragons George R.R. Martin. It’s always neat to hear the perspectives of those involved in the making of a film you have seen. They were all delightful, and George R. R. Martin was quite impressive in my opinion as a moderator. He was funny and made sure to steer the conversations in a way that allowed all to participate, and he wanted it to go on longer than we had time for. It was great!

I am so grateful to my Legion M family for the invite and all that they have done to help us get involved in this film. Grateful to all involved and grateful to all the other members and fans that were there. Even Gandalf showed up ,and he explained to me that he arrived 3 hours early, precisely when he meant to. Onward and upward everyone!
— Tyson Blair, Legion M investor

Thank you Legion M! I had a blast at the Tolkien premiere and thought the movie as great! It was a lot of fun to hangout on the green (red) carpet and see the stars arrive. They all seemed to really enjoy interacting with the fans and taking photos. Being there and seeing how amazing all the Legion M staff were really made me proud to be an investor. I’m looking forward to many more events in the future and seeing Legion M become a huge success! Helheimr!
— Dieter Wagner, Legion M investor

It’s been exactly a week since attending the premier of Tolkien in Los Angeles, California as of this writing and I am still on cloud 9! From getting to see the celebrities up close to meeting the Legion M team in person at the invitation only after party; what surprises me most is how much I enjoyed the actual film being what stands out most when recalling the event. Well worth making the 6,000+ mile round trip journey from Alaska and getting back less than 24hrs until hosting the meetup in Anchorage!

I never thought I’d be attending an event in Hollywood, let alone have my name on an envelope from Fox Searchlight Pictures! That’s it, done. I can now die a happy fan... years from now. ;)

If ever there were money I had felt best spent, it’s surely become second to investing in Legion M.

Onward and upward!
— Erin Michael Wood, Legion M investor

What an excellent night for the premiere! Thank you Legion M... we had a great time!
— Henry Johnson, Legion M investor

Wish you were here... standing alongside as celebrities walk the ‘red’ carpet taking interviews amid the cheers of excited fans at this Hollywood Premiere for ‘Tolkien’. What a blast!

This film explores the early life of JRR Tolkien, author of the much-loved stories of Middle Earth. So, of course, there were also dwarves and elven folk; even Gandolf was in attendance!

I’ve loved Tolkien’s fantastic stories of Middle Earth but confess I hadn’t given much thought about the man himself.

‘Tolkien’ escorts you through a journey of JRR’s earlier life and sources of influence for the enduring stories he would craft. It’s compelling and moving; a visual feast. Artfully crafted; infused with surprisingly powerful imagery, which allows you to experience how Tolkien must have been influenced to write stories of Middle Earth. Stories rich with adventures, some great, some horrifying; stories of deeply committed friendships…fellowship; of love; of magic. By the end of this film-journey you may understand why Tolkien wrote the way he did.

I now believe many aspects of life in Middle Earth are reflections of Tolkien’s own life. I can’t help but wonder what Tolkien may have considered to be his ‘ring.’
— Vivianne Israel, Legion M investor

I recently had a great opportunity to attend an event from Fox Searchlight for the Tolkien movie premiere. Getting to be part of such an experience and given the opportunity to these types of adventures are one of the main reasons I am part of Legion M. The movie is such an inspiration to all types of artists and authors. The way the characters were covered to the filming of the period in time are simply amazing!
— Shao Lopez, Legion M investor

Being a child of the 80s, movies have always been a part of my life. I love them, I look forward to them and I went to them! When we moved to California, my husband Shao decided we should be a part of Legion M, and he’s had the opportunity to attend many events. I hadn’t yet, but when the red carpet premiere in LA was announced, I jumped at the chance! It was everything I had hoped for. The true magic was the movie itself. It was way more than I had hoped for. It gives us a glimpse into his life, a glimpse into why he wrote the way he did, and it was an amazing movie about fellowship. Just like the fellowship we feel at Legion M.
— Cindy Lopez, Legion M investor

How do you describe a night so amazing it makes you shake with excitement? To be honest, this was not my first red carpet event but it is by far my favorite. It was a little hard to figure out where to get our tickets in the being, but a very helpful and nice (though a little scary) man helped us out. Getting a chance to be in the fan VIP section was so much fun. We were surrounded by our fellow Legion, and the energy was electric. The wait for everyone to get down the carpet was so hard, but we had a comedian Gandalf right across the way as entertainment.

Many of the celebrities kind of rushed by but Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins made sure to greet as many fans as they could. What can I say about those two...? They are two of the sweetest, kindest people I could ask for. Lily personalized my unfiltered book, and Nicholas took a selfie with us and also signed some pics. Then we got to see an amazing movie!

I don’t know how the night could have been better except maybe if Jeff and the rest of the Legion M crew could have joined us at the carpet. I love the Legion. I am Legion M!
— Wendy Elliott, Legion M investor

We had a great time attending the Tolkien premiere at the Fox theater in Westwood! It is such a beautiful theater. We were so excited to be there and see the movie. To be honest, my husband and I don’t know too much about Tolkien, but the movie was so good that we want to learn more about him now! It was a very interesting and heartfelt story and kept us enthralled to the end.

Then we got to see the stars, director and George R.R. Martin talk after the movie and hear their experiences of the film and what Tolkien meant to them. It was a great night, and we are very happy and appreciative that we won tickets to the event thanks to Legion M! Legion M put on a great event for an awesome movie!
— Pam Elliott, Legion M investor
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