Voiceover Challenge Results

A couple weeks ago we were faced with a difficult decision. We'd been working for weeks on a Legion M trailer and had a hard deadline coming fast. The folks that made the trailer (Refinery Creative--who were fantastic, BTW!) had given us two voiceovers to choose from. One happened to be a woman, the other happened to be a man.

We needed to make a decision in the next 12 hours, and our executive team was split. Each of us liked both of the readings, but David and Jeff preferred the woman, while Paul and Terri preferred the man. 

So we put it out to the Legion. At 2:00AM on a Saturday morning we sent out an e-mail to all of our reservation holders asking them to weigh in with our first ever Legion M official poll. A few hours later, we had our answer. And it wasn't nearly as cut and dry as we thought...

The first level result was that the reading by the woman got the most votes. It was very close, but there was a clear winner. So that's the version we went forward with. When you see the trailer on our website or at www.wefunder.com, that's the version you'll see.

Total Vote

However, when we broke down the data according to gender, a different picture emerged. Men tended to prefer the male voice, while women preferred the female.

Votes from Men

Votes from Women

But there is one last element to this story. Because when we created the survey, we used the following question to determine gender:

A flippant Austin Powers reference (keep in mind, we made the survey very late on a Friday night), we thought this was a fun little detail. As it turned out, it revealed something very significant. The "Yes Please!" group had the strongest preference in the survey, choosing the woman rather than the man in overwhelming fashion.

Vote of people who answered the question of "Sex?" with "Yes Please!"

What does it all mean? Your guess is as good as mine, and I'd love to hear your theories in the comments below. If there any anthropologists, sociologists, or behavioral psychologists in the Legion who'd like to further explore this mystery, we'd be happy to share the raw data. I have a sneaking suspicion that understanding this mystery might just unlock some fundamental truth of the human condition...

As for our decision, we ultimately bought both versions of the trailer. The woman's voice is our primary, but we figured that the male version could come in handy if we do targeted advertising aimed at men.

Ultimately, the experiment a huge success. It helped us solve an immediate problem in very short order. More importantly, it helped us demonstrate the power of Legion M. Because when we unite, nothing can stop us. And when we succeed, we succeed together!

Yes Please!