Legion M Receives TOP DEAL rating from Kingscrowd

As anyone involved with Legion M knows, we are ALL IN on equity crowdfunding. We believe that the newfound freedoms of the JOBS act have created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs that could transform entire segments of the American economy. We're proud of the role Legion M is playing to help lead the charge and pioneer this new frontier.

Last week, Paul and I had an in-depth interview with Chris Lustrino, founder & CEO of Kingscrowd.com, a website specializing in equity crowdfunding research and news. Chris shares a similarly bullish view on the disruptive potential of the JOBS Act and is working to establish Kingscrowd as a next generation "Morningstar" that provides independent research and education for investors in the space. It's an important role in the equity crowdfunding ecosystem, and one we're pleased to see responsible voices like Chris filling.

As somebody who spends his days researching and evaluating equity crowdfunded companies across various industries, platforms and stages, Chris brings a unique perspective to his evaluation of Legion M. He started off a bit skeptical, asking several pointed questions about the company’s business model. It's easy to understand how Legion M is DIFFERENT than other entertainment companies but he (rightfully) wanted to understand how those differences would make Legion M BETTER than the rest.

Paul and I spent over an hour with Chris talking about the intricacies of our business model and the challenges and opportunities presented by the JOBS Act.  We were rewarded a couple days later when he told us he’d made a BUY recommendation in his article and had listed Legion M as a "Top Deal" on kingscrowd.com. 

Chris's opinion is just that -- one person’s opinion -- but given the research he has done and his unique expertise and perspective on equity crowdfunding, we were thankful for the validation it provides. Plus it demonstrates that he has EXCEPTIONALLY good taste. :)

You can read the full Legion M article here: https://kingscrowd.com/a/59/don-t-just-walk-the-hollywood-stars-invest-in-themDon’t Just Walk The Hollywood Stars, Invest In Them. If you want to take Chris’s recommendation, Round 3 will be open for a few more weeks at www.wefunder.com/legionm!

Jeff Annison