Legion M's Secret Master Plan

Legion M is a truly unique proposition. We're a first-of-our kind company pioneering uncharted new territory. It's a big, bold idea--a Facebook/Google/Tesla size swing for the fences. And, for the first time in history (thanks to the JOBS Act), you have a chance to get in on the ground floor. 

But before we ask anyone to invest any of their hard earned money, we want to explain WHY a fan-owned company is so powerful, and HOW we believe it can transform the media landscape. After all, this isn't a Kickstarter campaign--it's an investment. If you give us $100, our goal is to turn it into $200. Or $1,000. Or $10,000. As a potential investor, we think you deserve a chance to see our top secret plans and decide for yourself if it's something you want to be a part of. 



Before we get started, we want to make sure one thing is clear. Legion M is a fan OWNED company. That doesn't mean fans MAKE the content. A lot of people initially confuse those two.

While we love fan films, DIY creators and crowdsourced entertainment, Legion M isn't about fans CREATING content--it's about fans FUNDING content, helping it succeed in the marketplace, and participating in the rewards when it's successful. 

Fans don't make the content at Legion M, but they do get the opportunity to go behind the scenes and get involved with many of our projects, including the Legion M Pitch Elevator!


Legion M believes the next great media company will be owned by FANS. Not because it's a fun idea (well, that isn't the ONLY reason), but because it's an extremely powerful business model. Our premise is that an entertainment company owned by a large audience has significant competitive advantages in one of the most lucrative and competitive industries on the planet. 

To do this, Legion M is utilizing new equity crowdfunding laws enabled by the JOBS Act. Like regular crowdfunding (i.e. Kickstarter and Indiegogo), we allow you to go behind the scenes and come along for the ride as we develop our film, TV, and virtual reality projects. Our shareholders get invited to meet-ups and special events like our Hollywood Houseparty with Stan Lee. Some even have the opportunity to attend red carpet premiers, with the chance to hang out with celebrities. 

But equity crowdfunding goes one step further than Kickstarter. When you invest in Legion M, you are buying stock in the company.  If we're successful, you can make money. If we're Facebook/Google/Tesla successful, you can make a LOT of money. (Of course you can also lose money too--more on that later.) 

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For Legion M, fan funding isn't just a source of finance--it's the foundation of our business model. After all, fans hold all the power in the entertainment industry. We buy the tickets, pay the subscriptions, and decide what to watch. Individually, each of us is just a consumer. But when we band together, we have incredible power.

Every project--from the smallest independent to the largest studio tentpole--lives or dies by its ability to attract an audience. This is the reason we see so many reboots, sequels, and movies/shows built on comic books, video games, etc. Studios know that having a pre-existing audience DRAMATICALLY increases a project's chances of success.

That's also what powers Legion M. Because we have a large group of fans that are emotionally and financially invested in the success of our company, we've got a built-in audience that increases our projects' chances of successWhen our movies come to market, our shareholders don't just come see it--they come opening weekend (the most crucial time in the release cycle), bring all their friends, and talk about it on social media. A large group of excited, invested fans creates the sort of grassroots buzz that studios would kill for, but money can't buy. It won't make a bad movie good, but it can make a good movie a hit, and improve Legion M's ROI on every one of our projects. 

And the best part? Our shareholders LOVE it. It's not like we're asking them to do something they don't want to do. We're asking them to come see a movie. THEIR movie!

Legion M's ideas aren't just theory. We've seen them in action with Colossal (a feature film starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis that released earlier this year).


A legion of fans doesn't just help make our projects successful. It also helps us get into the best projects. 

We don't need to fully fund all of our projects. We're happy to join as minority investors providing everything from production finance to finishing funds and P&A. We're flexible, creative and opportunistic in finding ways to get involved with projects we love.

The fact is, EVERY project in Hollywood needs funding. Whether it's a couple hundred thousand for a web series or a couple hundred million for a summer tent-pole, every movie, TV show, and VR project needs investors to provide the capital required to produce, market, and distribute it. That money comes from a myriad of sources--from studios, banks and presales, to business magnates and oil tycoons. 

But not all projects are created equal. As you might expect, the best projects--i.e. the ones with the best talent, best scripts, and best chance of success--have investors fighting to get in. They can choose how they fund their their project. 

Once again, the fact that Legion M represents a large group of fans gives us a leg up. Think about it--if you had a movie coming out, who would you rather have invested and excited about your production? A corporate conglomerate? A wealthy individual? Or a large group of the paying customers you are relying on to see it when it's released?

Again, this isn't theory. Colossal was a fully funded, completed film when we got involved. We invested with the distributor NEON after they purchased it at Toronto Film Festival. They didn't need our money but they gave us a seat at the table. Why? Because they liked the idea of having a Legion of fans behind the movie when it came to market. 

  Legion M has been around for little more than a year, but has already done projects with Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. Being owned by fans opens a lot of doors. 

Legion M has been around for little more than a year, but has already done projects with Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. Being owned by fans opens a lot of doors. 


Legion M's strength is determined by our size. The larger we are, the more powerful we become. Our long term goal is to unite one million fans as shareholders of the company. In fact, our logo is the roman numeral for one million. If (when!) we achieve this goal, we'll have hundreds of millions of dollars to develop movies, TV, and VR projects. More importantly, we'll have one million fans standing behind them when they come to market. We believe that could make us one of the most influential companies in Hollywood.


There's one last thing you should be aware of before putting any money into Legion M. Investing in pre-IPO startups is an inherently risky proposition. We're a very early stage company, and while we believe we've got a billion dollar idea, there's no guarantee we'll be successful. In fact, statistically speaking, the most likely outcome of investing in ANY startup is that you will lose your money. That's because most startups fail. This was true for Facebook, Google and Walt Disney when they were starting up, and it was true for MySpace, Pets.com, and the untold number of companies that failed before you ever heard of them. 

That said, the advantage of investing at such an early stage is that if the company is successful you can make quite a bit of money. If you'd invested in Facebook when they were at our stage, a $100 investment would likely be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars today. That's an extreme example (Facebook is one of the most successful companies of all time), but the fact remains that if we can turn Legion M into the next Facebook (heck, if we even have a tiny fraction of the success of Facebook), your investment could be worth quite a bit of money. 

Bottom line--you shouldn't invest any money you can't afford to lose. But if you can bear some risk and want to swing for the fences, we'd love to have you on the team. We're betting our own money (not to mention our jobs, careers and reputations!) that we can make this company successful. And while we can't guarantee success, we can guarantee that we're doing everything we can to make this the best investment you ever made!

Listen to the Legion M cofounders talk about the risks and rewards of investing in a PRE-IPO startup. 


If, after all this, you are interested in becoming a part of the world's first FAN-OWNED entertainment company, we'd LOVE to have you join us. 

To get more information and buy shares shares in Legion M please go to our funding portal: www.wefunder.com/legionm.

To get detailed information on Legion M including audited financial statements, please check out our SEC offering documents.

And if you aren't sure about investing, try joining as a free member at www.legionm.com/join-legion-m. There's no cost or obligation, but it's a GREAT way to join the community, get access to Legion M events/opportunities, and see first-hand what Legion M is all about!

Onward and Upward! 

Jeff Annison and Paul Scanlan
Cofounders, Legion M